Nona and Dragonfly enter HCAb-based drug discovery partnership

Title: Nona and Dragonfly Partner Up for HCAb-Based Drug Discovery: An Innovative Approach to Finding Novel Therapies


The search for new drugs and therapeutic treatments is an ongoing challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. However, recent collaborative efforts have brought promising potential for innovative solutions that could transform the field of drug discovery and development. The announcement that Nona Therapeutics will collaborate with Dragonfly Therapeutics to utilize their TriNKET™ platform for HCAb-based drug discovery is one such breakthrough. In this blog post, we will focus on the key points surrounding this partnership, discussing the implications of the innovative approach and exploring the potential impact on drug development.

Key Points:

  1. HCAb and The TriNKET™ Platform:
    HCAb, or heavy-chain antibodies, are typically found in camels and llamas, but humans can also generate them in response to specific infections or diseases. These antibodies can bind to targets that traditional antibodies are unable to recognize, making them attractive for drug discovery. The TriNKET™ platform, developed by Dragonfly Therapeutics, utilizes engineered natural killer cells with HCAb-based receptors, creating an innovative approach for finding novel therapies.
  2. Non-Invasive Drug Delivery:
    The use of HCAb in drug discovery opens up the potential for non-invasive drug delivery. The smaller size and unique structure of HCAb-based therapies allow for easier penetration of tissues and organs, allowing for more targeted delivery to specific sites. This could potentially reduce side effects and make drug administration more manageable for patients.
  3. A Collaboration for Development:
    Nona Therapeutics and Dragonfly Therapeutics are poised to work together to utilize the TriNKET™ platform to discover new therapies based on HCAbs. The collaboration brings together Nona’s experience in discovering novel therapeutics targeting infectious diseases, and Dragonfly’s expertise in engineering natural killer cells. By pooling their resources and knowledge, the partners aim to build a robust pipeline of HCAb-based therapies, accelerating the discovery and development of new treatments for various diseases.
  4. A Promising Tool for Drug Discovery:
    The TriNKET™ platform and HCAbs bring a promising tool for drug discovery, offering an innovative approach to finding novel therapies for various diseases. HCAbs have already shown potential for developing targeted therapies, such as for cancer treatments, and the TriNKET™ platform has shown promising results in early-stage clinical trials. Together, this collaboration builds upon this innovative approach, potentially transforming the field of drug development.
  5. Advancing Personalized Medicine:
    The collaboration between Nona and Dragonfly represents a significant opportunity to further advance personalized medicine. HCAb-based therapies can be tailored to target specific disease-causing agents, allowing for personalized treatment approaches that are more effective and lead to better outcomes for patients. With the TriNKET™ platform, the collaborators can develop therapies that are not only more targeted but also potentially less invasive and easier to administer.
  6. A Step Forward in Drug Development:
    The collaboration between Nona and Dragonfly represents a significant step forward in drug development and the search for novel therapeutics. By utilizing HCAbs and the TriNKET™ platform, the partners are expanding the toolbox for drug discovery and bringing hope for new, more effective treatments. The success of this collaboration could have significant implications for the future of medicine, opening new avenues for targeted, personalized treatment options.


The partnership between Nona and Dragonfly for HCAb-based drug discovery represents a promising breakthrough in the field of pharmaceuticals. This innovative approach could potentially transform the way we approach drug development and the treatment of various diseases. With the TriNKET™ platform’s advancements and Nona’s expertise in discovering novel therapeutics, this collaboration has the potential to build a robust pipeline of personalized treatments that are more effective, less invasive, and easier to administer. As this partnership progresses, we can look forward to more exciting developments and breakthroughs that could enhance and improve the lives of people affected by various diseases.