Biovac and IVI enter deal to develop oral cholera vaccine

Title: Biovac and IVI Partner to Develop Oral Cholera Vaccine: A Crucial Step in Combating Cholera


Cholera is a severe and potentially deadly illness caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which can lead to severe diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration in humans. Despite being preventable, nearly 2.9 million cases are reported globally each year, causing an estimated 95,000 deaths. In the fight against cholera, South African vaccine manufacturer, Biovac, and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), headquartered in South Korea, have joined hands to develop an oral cholera vaccine. This partnership hopes to increase the availability and accessibility of vaccines and improve cholera containment strategies in at-risk regions. In this blog post, we will examine the key points of Biovac and IVI’s collaboration and discuss the impact of the oral cholera vaccine on public health.

Key Points:

  1. The Importance of the Partnership:
    Cholera is a disease that disproportionately affects people in low-income countries due to inadequate sanitation and water supply conditions. Biovac and IVI’s agreement to develop an oral cholera vaccine is a significant step forward to address the unmet medical needs of the most vulnerable populations. By working together, they can leverage their expertise and resources to accelerate the availability of the vaccine, increasing the likelihood of saving lives and mitigating the socio-economic impact of cholera.
  2. Oral Cholera Vaccine:
    Currently, there are several vaccines available for cholera prevention, including injectable and oral formulations. However, the oral cholera vaccine is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of administration, affordability, and suitability for mass vaccination campaigns. The oral vaccine can be given in a single dose or a two-dose series, providing effective protection against cholera for up to three years. By developing an oral cholera vaccine, Biovac and IVI hope to improve access to preventive measures for cholera in endemic areas of South Asia and Africa.
  3. Manufacturing Capabilities:
    Biovac, a South African vaccine manufacturer, aims to use its manufacturing capabilities and technology transfer platforms to produce the oral cholera vaccine. Biovac has demonstrated its ability to manufacture and distribute vaccines, including those targeting polio, measles, and other diseases. IVI, a non-profit organization, focuses on developing vaccines for neglected tropical diseases, among other goals. Together, they wish to make the vaccine available in countries where it is necessary.
  4. Impact on Public Health:
    The development of an oral cholera vaccine has unlimited potential in the fight against cholera. The vaccine can help control outbreaks in populations at risk of cholera, reduce the mortality rate, and prevent the spread of the disease beyond endemic areas. By making the vaccine available in low-income countries, Biovac and IVI hope to significantly reduce the impact of cholera and alleviate the socio-economic burden of the disease.
  5. Future Directions:
    The partnership between Biovac and IVI represents a critical step forward in the battle against cholera. The oral cholera vaccine is a vital preventive tool in vulnerable populations, and the partnership aims to increase the availability and accessibility of the vaccine to those who need it the most. By leveraging their strengths, Biovac and IVI hope to continue to invest in the development of vaccines and support the public health mission of preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases.


The Biovac and IVI partnership to develop an oral cholera vaccine is a crucial step towards eliminating cholera globally. By leveraging their expertise, technological advancement, and manufacturing capabilities, Biovac and IVI can accelerate the vaccine’s availability and accessibility. As cholera continues to be a significant health concern, this partnership offers hope and opportunity to keep populations at risk safe by providing a cost-effective and easy-to-administer vaccine. Together, Biovac and IVI can lessen the burden of cholera in vulnerable populations and prevent further outbreaks.